SCCP (Signalling Connection Control Part) is an SS7 user part protocol based on ITU-T Q.711-Q.719 specification set and ANSI T1.112 specification set. SCCP provides connection-less and connection-oriented services to its users (like TCAP, BSSMAP, RANAP etc.). Connection-less services of SCCP is widely used within telecommunications networks for implementing services like SMS, USSD, GSM services and IN services.

Sure Speed SCCP is Connection-less SCCP and it is based on our high performance Sure Speed architecture. Sure Speed SCCP may be used for implementing services within GSM and UMTS networks, connecting to various telecom nodes like HLR, MSC, SMS Center, USSD Center etc. Sure Speed SCCP integrates well with Sure Speed M3UA for an overall high performance and user-friendly experience. (Sure Speed SCCP may also be easily integrated with any MTP-3 or M3UA implementation.)


  • Versatile and user-friendly GTT [Global Title Translation] engine
  • Support for XUDT and LUDT messages
  • Configurable options to control behavior of connection-less SCCP in various scenarios
  • Designed independent and may be integrated easily in any system. It may be integrated with both SIGTRAN or SS7 protocol suites.
  • It has been integrated and tested with Sure Speed M3UA
  • Supports optional Segmentation/Re-assembly functions
  • Supports SCCP connection-less functions as specified in ITU-T Q.711-Q.719 specifications set
  • Supports SCCP connection-less functions as specified in ANSI T1.112 specifications set
  • Supports both ANSI and ITU configuration simultaneously
  • Can be configured to work as relay between ANSI/ITU to ITU/ANSI

Visit the Downloads section for Programming Manual & Demo Application.

Following are part of the Sure Speed SCCP Software Package:

  • Software Library
  • Technical support; Immediate patch releases for bugs
  • Programmer's manual
  • Example Source Code

Sure Speed SCCP is available individually or integrated with Sure Speed M3UA and Sure Speed TCAP. So, entire protocol suite is readily available for development of cost-effective applications like SMSC, USSD Center and connecting to GSM/UMTS network nodes.

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