If you own an SMPP based messaging system or a bulk SMS transmitting solution and you would like to connect it to a mobile network operator using standard and cheaper SS7 (over SIGTRAN) signaling, then SMPP to SIGTRAN Gateway (or SMPPĀ to SIGTRAN Connector) would do the work for you. It shall make your SMPP based messaging system appear as a telecom standards complaint Mobile SMSC to the mobile network operators. With a direct signaling connection, several business use cases can be achieved.

What is SMPP to SIGTRAN Converter?

SMPP to SIGTRAN converter would act as an SMPP server on the one side and follows the necessary SMPP procedures. While towards the mobile network operator side, it shall appear as a GSM SMSC and would use MAP protocol stack to communicate with the HLR and MSC. It also has the capability to receive incoming SMS from the mobile network operators. This means that both A2P and P2A messaging is possible using this solution.

The important benefits of using this solution are:

  • High SMS throughput through direct connectivity with mobile network operator
  • Network errors received from mobile networks can be used to clean-up subscriber database effectively
  • Real-time delivery reports.
  • Support for efficient incoming and outgoing signaling with support for "moremessagestosend"
  • Support for "TCAP Handshake" providing security against possible fraudulent SMS transactions
  • Direct connectivity to mobile operator would offer higher capacity with dedicated CPU processing
  • Flash SMS is supported
  • UCS-2 encoding supported
  • MVNO like behavior supported with incoming MT-SMS handling
  • Option for M2PA and M3UA connectivity
  • High capacity supported with small computing infrastructure
  • Transaction logs for capturing details of each SMS transaction
  • Small compute machines can be used to handle significant traffic volumes
  • Both TRX and TX/RX modes of SMPP connectivity supported
  • Multiple simultaneous bind sessions from an SMPP ESME supported

Our SMPP2SIGTRAN connector is a feature-rich solution and includes a full default license that lets you extend your messaging capabilities from only a Short Message Peer-to`-peer (SMPP) connectivity to a faster and more reliable Signaling Transport (SIGTRAN).

Download Feature Sheet for the SMPP2SIGTRAN Gateway.

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