Through years of engineering & innovation, we have designed and developed high performance & reliable SIGTRAN and SS7 protocol suite. We call this Sure Speed Architecture (SSA). We have developed these critical signaling protocols based on Sure Speed Architecture framework. This ensures that all our products meet high performance demand of the modern telecommunications networks.These meet the requirements presented in the various applicable standards.

We have following signaling protocols readily available to be included as part of your solution.

Some of the key advantages of Sure Speed Architecture are as following:

  • High Performance Design
  • Optimized Memory Utilization
  • In memory database for fastest possible data access
  • Highly efficient Hash Tables enabling very efficient lookups
  • Support for counters and KPI Collection
  • Diagnostics Collection for faster real time troubleshooting
  • In built auto-cleaning mechanisms
  • Logs for real time execution tracing
  • In built Timers that help in avoiding race conditions
  • Portable error capturing mechanism

There are a large number of commercial products developed using our protocol stack. These include critical telco applications like SMSC, USSD Center, HLR and Signaling Transfer Point (STP) solutions.

Please get in touch with us for your services requirements like application development on top of signaling protocol stacks or integration services to deploy your solution in a telecom or enterprise network.

We have over 250 customers across the world who are using our protocol stacks to implement their products. To know more about the Sure Speed SS7 & SIGTRAN protocol suite, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.