Are you concerned if the list of mobile phone numbers to whom you plan to reach through your SMS campaigns or Voice call campaigns are valid or useless? Then, you have reached the right place. It is important to validate the mobile number (MSISDN / recipient number) before sending the SMS or beginning a voice call campaign. This will enable highly successful campaign's and at the same time shall reduce the money wasted in sending SMS to invalid mobile numbers.
The MSISDN validation or HLR Lookup solution enables you to integrate your voice applications or bulk SMS system with the operator network using a simple HTTP interface and find out the validity of a mobile number. Whether a mobile number is valid or connected to the network can help you in making important business decisions related to your campaign's.

The important benefits of using the MSISDN Validation solution (or HLR Lookup Solution) are:

  • Clean-up your campaign's from invalid MSISDN or disconnected MSISDN
  • Reduce the money wasted on sending SMS to invalid/disconnected MSISDN and increase success rate of the campaign
  • Easily integrate with your Web Application or Bulk SMS Solution using the standard HTTP based API Interface.
  • High capacity supported with small computing infrastructure
  • JSON based API parameters and API responses enable use of standard JSON libraries and easy extraction of information
  • Receive IMSI and MSC/SGSN number along with the status of the MSISDN
  • Option for M2PA and M3UA connectivity towards the Mobile Network Operator
  • Direct connectivity to mobile operator would offer higher capacity with dedicated CPU processing

Our HLR Lookup (MSISDN Validation) Solution is feature-rich and simple to install and use. It requires almost no maintenance once installed and put into service.The licensing options are very convenient and economical depending on your needs.

Feature Sheet for the HLR Lookup Solution (MSISDN Validation Solution).

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