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MAP (Mobile Application Part) is an SS7 user part protocol based on 3GPP TS 29.002 specification. Sure Speed MAP is based on our Sure Speed Architecture that provides reliability and high performance design. MAP layer is used for performing remote operations and to fetch data from remote databases. It takes services of Connection-less SCCP and TCAP for implementing many value added services and core services like SMS, USSD, Equipment Management services (EIR) etc. MAP is an integral part of the mobile networks and used for Value Added Services.
Sure Speed TCAP supports distributed application development. This means that several instances of TCAP layer can be run on one or more than one systems and traffic can be distributed between them. This helps in building a high capacity system that can provide fail safe design.


1) Support for distributed application design when used with Sure Speed Protocol Suite
2) Scalable number of dialogues
3) Internal memory and timer management
4) Efficient design for faster look-ups
5) Supports 3GPP 29.002 specification
6) Supports easy to use MAP Primitives encoding and decoding API interface
7) Supports user controlled encoding and decoding of MAP primitives
Download Programming Manual & Demo Application
Visit our download section for downloading Programming Manual & Demo Application.

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3GPP MAP Specification
Download 3GPP 29.002