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M3UA (MTP-3 User Adaptation Layer) is a protocol for supporting the transport of SS7 MTP-3 User Signaling (e.g. ISUP or SCCP messages) over IP using the services of the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP). Also, provision is made for protocol elements that enable a seamless operation of the MTP-3 User peers in the SS7 and IP domains. This protocol would be used between Signaling Gateway (SG) and Media Gateway Controller (MGC) or IP-Resident Database, or between two IP-based applications. It is assumed that SG receives SS7 signaling over a standard SS7 interface using the SS7 message Transfer Part (MTP) to provide transport.
Sure Speed M3UA is a high performance implementation of M3UA protocol (RFC 4666, RFC 3332). It is based on our proprietary Sure Speed framework that ensures a high level of performance for all our protocol implementations.


  • Supports all the functionality specified in RFC 3332, RFC 4666
  • Designed to be transport layer independent. It can be easily used over SCTP, TCP, UDP or any other transport layer like UDPLite
  • SIGTRAN is being used in GSM/UMTS networks also, apart from other SS7 networks
  • In built memory manager for avoiding any memory allocations during run time
  • Can be easily compiled over SOLARIS, LINUX and other UNIX like OSes
  • Sample Application runs over SCTP and UDP. SCTP used is LK-SCTP
  • Supports ASP,SGP & IPSP mode of communication
  • Multiple ASP in single AS, Multiple SGP in single SG
  • Single ASP serving multiple AS
  • IPSP-IPSP mode of communication supported with both single exchange & dual exchange support
  • Network Appearance, Routing Context, Traffic Mode can be excluded from ASPTM,SSNM,TRAFFIC messages
  • Multiple ASP and SGP can be configured simultaneously.
  • Supports single as well as multiple threaded environment.
  • A highly efficient design has been used to minimize the latency involved in processing M3UA TRANSFER procedure.
Download Programming Manual & Demo Application
Visit our download section for downloading Programming Manual & Demo Application.

Order Sure Speed M3UA Package
Sure Speed M3UA is feature rich and highly scalable to fulfill requirements of modern telecommunication networks. Following are delivered as part of Sure Speed M3UA Commercial Package:
  1. Commercial version of M3UA with additional features not present in open source version.
  2. 12 months technical support; Immediate patch releases for bugs
  3. Programmer's manual
  4. Commercial grade sample application (working ASP, SGP & IPSP examples)
  5. Upgrades and new feature additions for next 12 months.
  6. The price for Commercial Package is reasonable as compared to our competitors. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a detailed quote & other details of Commercial Package.
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IETF M3UA Specifications